Details of the SBMnet dataset

  • This dataset contains 8 video categories with 5 to 16 videos sequences in each category.
  • Each individual video file (.zip or .7z) can be downloaded separately. Alternatively, all videos files within one category can be downloaded as a single .zip or .7z file.
  • Each video file when uncompressed becomes a directory which contains the following:
    1. A sub-directory named "input" containing a separate JPEG file for each frame of the input video;
    2. In some videos, a file called "GT_background.jpg" showing the groundtruth background for that video. NOTE: Participants have access to a limited number of GT_background.jpg. That is to prevent cheating and overfitting.

Click here to download the entire dataset: | 7z

If you use any data from the SBMnet dataset, please cite the following paper :

Jodoin P-M, Maddaelena L., Petrosino A., Wang Y.
Extensive Benchmark and Survey of Background Modeling Methods
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 26(11), 2017, p.5244-5256

Click on the tabs below to view sample frames and download individual videos and complete video categories.

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Intermittent Motion



Illumination Changes

Background Motion

Very Long

Very Short